OUEST LA Réunion - Official website of the Inter-communal Tourist Office of WEST - Reunion Island 974

Personalized advice

PUT THE CAP TO THE WEST WITH US! We are at your disposal to advise and build, with you, your ideal stay in the West of Reunion

One number for more information: Tel. 0810 797 797 (Service € 0.054 / min + cost of a local call)
One mail: accueil@ouest-lareunion.com


We welcome you to our three tourist information offices: 

Saint-Gilles : in the heart of the Reunion resort

  • 1, place Paul Julius Bénard
    Open 7 days 7
    (Single Office of Tourism of the Island to be open 7/7)
    362 days a year (only closed on 1 January, 1 May and 25 December)
    10h-13h and 14h- 18h


Saint-Leu:  At the northern entrance to Saint-Leu

  • Bat Laleu 1, rue the Barrelier
    Open Monday to Friday 9 am-12pm and 13h30-17h30
    Saturday 9h-12h and 14h-17h


Port: In city center

  • 22 Lepervanche Leon Street
    97420 Port
    Monday to Friday 9h00-12h30 and 13h30-17h00


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Instagram: West Tourism Reunion
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You can also download our application: St. Paul Monument Tracker to explore Saint Paul, City of Art and History


Our missions mainly: 

To accommodate you

Inform you

Promote the Western Territory Reunion


You can in our tourist information offices book

  • your nights  in  mountain lodges, guest houses, holiday rentals, hotels ...
  • your hobbies

We are reseller of regional booking center.


You can also buy in our three information offices

  1. your guided cultural tours
  2. your good vacation plans with the "Zarlor" - Western treasures
  3. fly your helicopter with Coral Helicopter and Helilagon
  4. your gourmet Passport
  5. your tips Groupanoo
  6. your bus tickets (Kar West) and tickets for the bus as yellow (for Car Yellow: only at the tourist information office of Saint-Gilles)
  7. tickets to shows all over the island (point of sale monticket.re - Saint-Gilles and Saint-Leu - and departmental theaters - only Saint-Gilles)


 The West Tourist Office is registered in the register of travel and residential sales operators  IM978140001


We are a team of 21 people.
The Directorate ensured by Ms. Nadira Maleck Bertrand ( direction@ouest-lareunion.com ) is supported on three areas: 
- Resources / Development / Quality, led by Dominique Canaguy, Assistant Director -  d.canaguy@ouest-lareunion.com
- Production / Promotion / Special Events, led by Dominique Payet, Assistant Director -  d.payet@ouest-lareunion.com
- Communication / Marketing / E-tourism, led by Stephanie Jautzy, Head of division -  communication@ouest-lareunion.com



Administrative Information: 

Our status:  an EPIC - public industrial and commercial.

Our budget  comes to share our EPIC status, mainly from the City tax and, on certain actions, grants Reunion Region, TCO, the Casino de Saint-Gilles. The tax is therefore of the Tourist Office key success. 
Thus, anyone offering tourist accommodation is in the legal obligation to collect the tourist tax from its customers  and pay back to the community referent or from 1 January 2014 for the entire West territory.


Our operation:
Our President is appointed by the TCO. This is Patricia LOCAME MACHADO

She serves on the Executive Committee, composed of elected representatives and socio-professional.
The Committee of valid management actions and operation of the Tourist Office, it meets at least six times a year.