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Kreol cooking
Centre Commercial Sacré Cœur
97420 Le Port
tel. 0262 71 01 53
fax. 0262 71 01 53

Company specialized in the manufacture of food products (samosas, sweets peppers, jams, cakes, ready meals). Incontestable leader in Reunion, it distributes all supermarkets, many communities, specialty stores and restaurants hotels.
Every day, thousands (between 20000 and 25000) of Taïlou samosas are the delight of connoisseurs.

Samosas Taïlou is open daily, Monday afternoon to Sunday noon, the same opening hours as the shopping center. It offers Creole appetizers, sandwiches, samosas, plugs, spring rolls, stuffed peppers, various cakes and Creole sugary snacks such as honey sweets, cakes potatoes, cassava or maize, millets candy, etc. On site or to take away. 
The samosas Taïlou also offers a catering service on order for snacking (samosas, etc) as well as meals for receptions and banquets.